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President, secretary of the Party Committee of MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD

Welcome leaders at all levels, friends from all walks of life, new and old customers to visit MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD to guide and discuss cooperation. Heartfelt thanks to the concern and support of enterprise for years, and eagerly looking forward to our expanding exchanges and contacts more closely. For the common prosperity and development, let our real cooperation, forge ahead hand in hand, altogether will create the glorious future!



Director, General Manager of MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD

MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD committed to the revitalization of national paper industry, and create century-old enterprises. “eternal yinhe, green paper” is our vision of the enterprise. After years of bumpy vicissitudes of life, MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD created glory. In the face of new opportunities and challenges of new times, MCC PAPER YINHE CO., LTD is set sail on a long voyage.