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[Safety Month Series Report No. 6] The company's trade union held the 13th Cartoon Selection Activity for Employees'Safety

Safe Production

[Safety Month Series Report No. 6] The company's trade union held the 13th Cartoon Selection Activity for Employees'Safety

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In order to create a strong safety atmosphere and vividly interpret the theme of "risk prevention, hidden danger removal, accident prevention" of the month of safety production, on June 21, the Galaxy Paper Trade Union held the thirteenth Cartoon Evaluation Activity for Workers'Safety.
Gao Jinbo, executive vice president of Linqing Federation of Trade Unions, Huang Yongjun, vice director of Cultural Bureau, Guo Changlong, president of Socialist College, Hao Yongming, vice president of Galaxy Paper Trade Union, participated in the selection activities and served as the judges.

The campaign solicited 349 cartoons from employees, with distinct themes and lively content. The quality of cartoons is the highest in recent years. Cartoons depict vividly the work scenes of personal injury, equipment accident, high-altitude falling, traffic safety, limited space, mechanical injury, giving full play to the role of humor, irony and warning.

After the selection of the judges, Dong Yujing from the Department of Safety Management, Guan Lixia from the General Manager's Office, won the first prize for "Long Ring of the Alarm Bell", "Safety Can't Just Speak Up", "Safety Can Practice Life Can't Rehearse" and other six works won the second prize for "Irregular Work, Two Lines of Tears of Relatives" and "Before the Event" More "timely rain" and less "gun behind horse" and other eight works won the third prize.
It is understood that the selected excellent works will be produced into worker cartoons and Exhibition boards, which will be distributed and exhibited for workers in the near future.
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